Technology Wrap Up + 5 Essential Insights

Season #3 Episode #141

The question is not how to control technology. The question is what is going to work best for your family to meet their relational, spiritual, emotional, technological needs of each child in this season of life? 

We are wrapping up our Technology Podcast Series this week and this might be the best week yet! We wanted to end this series talking about culture and showing you how parental control is not as powerful as teaching our kids self-regulation.

So how do we set a healthy family culture around technology?  

We unpack 5 truths you can start using TODAY to cultivate a “real life” family culture. We narrow in on “teens” because this is where we are seeing a lot of issues in families.  

Listen to this week’s podcast as we unpack powerful and practical ways to reach your kids hearts. Technology is not going anywhere parents, so we need to adapt and create a safe place for our kids to live and learn.