Teens & Technology (Feat. Maddox Manning)

Season #3 Episode #138

Do you care more about control or connection? 

Parents, we are focusing on teens and technology this week and Maddox (our 6th kiddo) joins us to share his perspective. He is 17 going on 45 and he has grown up with technology. 

He shares about the wrestle each kid in his generation faces when it comes to a healthy relationship with parents and technology.

We answer questions like: 

  • How do you limit technology intake?
  • Do you want more or less boundaries? 
  • How do parents help them kids? 
  • What do parents do when kids break trust? 

You do not want to miss out on the GOLD Maddox shares! Parents, you will walk away feeling encouraged and equipped to help your teen with technology! 

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