#157 "T" is for Teach

Season #4

FIGHT, that is what we have been talking about this year! 

  • F is for... Faith
  • I is for... Inspire
  • G is for... Give
  • H is for... Hugs 
  • T is for....? 

TEACH! This week we focus in on how to train up our kids and teach them how to live!

Do you talk more than listen? Do you use too many words? Do you nag and lecture? 

We are here to say there is a better way! We invite you to listen and challenge the way you teach your children. There are biblical, God-given ways to teach and train our kids. We talk about these things: 

  1. How to listen and connect with our kids 
  2. Help our kids come to their own conclusion
  3. Let kids make mistakes (What!? Really!?)
  4. Creating Family Values + Culture 
  5. How to live like the Kingdom of God

There are so many ways we can teach our kids. We invite you to start a conversation with your spouse, friends, or kids about things you are called to teach them. Teaching our kids is a life time journey and we do it along the way. How can you start teaching your kids today? Start somewhere!