#159. Dads, Join the Fight! (Feat. Jeff Zaugg)

Season #4

How do we, as fathers, win the game of love? 

Does work feel like too much? Are you missing out on deep connecting with your kids? How do we (dads) invite God into our family and allow Him to teach us to be a provider? A protector? A friend?

Jeff Zaugg and Don unpack these question on this week's podcast. Jeff is a man of God and loves his family. He has dedicated his life to helping men walk about their God-given calling as fathers. 

“My identity as a son of God, and my relationship with God is like a waterfall. The identity I believe flows from my life and into the next generation, my girls.” - Jeff  

Hear from Don and Jeff on how they have learned to step into their God-given identity and follow His ways over theirs. This episode is for dads who long to know God and love their families. Listen as Jeff shares creative and spirit-filled ways he has learned to follow God and raise his kids. 

"I can make mistakes but it doesn’t have to affect my sonship. The way I see myself will determine how I treat myself and others, especially my kids." - Jeff

LIFE stands for: 

  • Love 

  • Intentionality 

  • Free (Hebrews 12:1-2) 

  • Enjoy

Dads, your kids know if you love being a dad or not. How do you think your kids see you? Our Heavenly Father loves you and loves walking with you. When we spend time with Him, it overflows into our family, especially our kids. When you receive love from God, you will be more intentional, freer, and you will enjoy your family more.  

Every family can be CRAZY COOL. Every family can have LIFE.  

Encouragement from Jeff: Go after it! God has made your family unique and there is a spark inside you. Every kid (including you) has a place in God’s Kingdom and a place where your heart can align with God’s heart.