#161: Commit to Fight for Family

Season #4

We are in the Fight for Family, are you with us? How do we take it to the next level?

"I looked at the fight for family and I decided... I am not going to lose this fight." - Don

Commitment is key and we are talking about how to commit to the fight. Are you in? Let's take this conversation deeper. We have talked a lot about how to fight for your family but in today's podcast we step back and share vision and practical ways we have learned to fight over the last 30 years.

Remember parents, in every season, your family is worth the fight. Let's dive in together!

 What are our family goals? What are yours?

  • We wanted our kids to love Jesus
  • Create fun moments with our family
  • (Insert yours here!)

Three Commitments:

  1. Pursue God

  2. Build Relationships

  3. Create Culture

Questions We Cover:

  • What do I need to conquer in my life to have an amazing family?
  • What parts of me is God trying to refine through relationships?
  • What do we do to change family culture?
  • How do you activate/apply culture in your home?

Keys to Winning the Fight:

  • When we pursue God, we get to hear God
  • When we hear God, we get direction for our lives
  • God is a God of relationships - He is ALL about them!
  • You've got to be healthy yourself to create a healthy family
  • We are empowered by God to create family culture
  • Relationships is a game, designed by God and EVERYONE can win!
  • Culture is about connection, not performance