#162: Fight for Energy!

Season #4

As a parent, do you ever feel like your kid(s) have SO MUCH MORE energy than you?

Often, we get asked the question,"How did you have enough energy to raise 7 kids!?"

The truth is, the kids do have more energy! "The reason kids have so much more energy is because they are carefree and have the freedom to play all day!" - Suz

Playing brings energy and life into family. We believe God calls us to work and steward our lives but also value play. We invite you to rethink the areas of "work" in your life and bring laughter and fun into them.

This week's podcast answers important questions about fun, energy, and relieving stress. We share practical ways parents can maintain energy and even create a culture of fun during the each season of family. If you feel like your family is running low on energy, this podcast is for you!

Here are a few questions we unpack:

  • Do you play with your kids? Do you make time to play?
  • How do you get on your kid's level and play?
  • What type of energy do you carry into the home? How do you change it if it's negative?
  • How do we, as parents invite God into our energy levels?
  • How is stress stealing your energy? What systems can alleviate the stress?

A Few Practicals:

  1. Go outside!
  2. See the day in two parts: morning and afternoon
  3. Get creative with ways to exert energy!
  4. Become aware of how stress drains our energy
  5. Schedule clean-up times
  6. Create systems to maintain energy
  7. Find a village (or army) to build up your family
  8. Refill your energy tank by getting time away

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