#160: Fight for Forgiveness (Feat. Julie Plagens)

Season #4

Do you need forgiveness in your family?

Join us this week as Julie Plagens shares with Don and Suzanne about her book, Estranged and shares how forgiveness is essential to a healthy, whole family. If you need forgiveness of restoration in your family's relationships, this is just the podcast for you!

In this podcast, we unpack the power of salvation and how it can transform a family. A family without Jesus creates pain and family estrangement. Julie shared how her parents started following God and her extended family didn't approve. She experienced physical, emotional, and relational pain. It followed her into her marriage and parenting journey. 

In the midst of a lot of pain and sickness, she had "a come to Jesus moment" and decided she was going to reconcile all the anger and strained relationship with her family.

  • Do you feel estranged from someone in your family? 
  • Do you feel conviction from God to reconcile but have no idea how?
  • Are you a people pleaser and struggling to have healthy boundaries with relationships?

"Fear based parenting can overtake encouragement and stop it. Fear based life impacts every relationships in your life." - Julie 

Forgiveness is about the offense and reconciliation is about the relationship. Forgiveness has ZERO loop holes and God calls us to forgive, no matter what.

Reconciliation is an invitation from God but it revolves the relationships. It is two-sided and takes both people to make reconciliation happen.

Forgiveness is between us and God, reconciliation is between two (or more) people.

Key Takeaways:

  • Forgiveness is a super power and we rely on the power of God to help us.
  • The process of forgiveness works on our stubbornness and we start with embracing God's love.
  • Prayer softens our heart and helps us choose reconciliation.
  • Counseling can help the process of forgiveness - it's worth it! 
  • Rethink the lies you have chosen to partner with and replace them with God's truth.
  • As parents, we can all break generational "legacies" or strongholds.