164: Being a Funny Family (Feat. Tim Hawkins)

Season #4

Is your family culture marked by fun? 

Tim Hawkins joins us this week to share how his family values laughter, jokes, and silliness. If you need a laugh or help creating laughter in your home, then this podcast is for you!

"Humor is a God-given quality to help us walk through life." - Tim

Don and Tim discuss the power of comedy within a home and all the ways parents can create fun in family. 

Here are a few things they discuss:

  • How do you bring humor into your family?  
  • How do you create humor without putting down others?
  • What does humor bring into your culture?
  • How do we use technology to bring humor into our home? 

Creating confident world changer kids starts with creating culture in your home. Tim says he used humor to combat shyness and help his kids shine! He believes it’s something God puts in us to help us live life and embrace the unknowns.  

As we fight for family, we know every parent makes mistakes. The point is not to focus on the mistakes but choose to be the real TODAY and show their kids an authentic you.

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