165: Parents Who Fight for Truth (Feat. Julie Parido)

Season #4

The fight continues, parents and this week we are picking up the Word of God to help us fight for our kid's hearts. 

Julie Parido joins the podcast to share a God-inspired idea. She created a book called, Draw the Verse, which provides parents and kids with a simple and fun way to study scripture together. She felt like she knew the bible and grew up in the church but this class helped her have a passion to have her kids learn scripture by drawing the tree picture while they interacted with scripture. As the year went on, the felt like God called her to make a book for families to learn scripture together.  

"Draw the verse sets our kids up to hear God, through His word, and have a relationship with us. This combo teaches them (and us) how to tie our actions, behaviors and our hearts to the scriptures. As our kids get older, it becomes part of the family culture and as a way to consistently talk about Jesus." - Suz

Do you want your kid to know God's word? Do you want them to learn to hear His voice through the Bible? 

Then listen and be inspired by Suz and Julie! They will give you practical ways to start putting God's word into your family culture. 

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