#166: Fight for Generosity (Feat. Christy Gandy)

Season #4

Mother's Day is coming up and we have the perfect gift idea! This week, Christy Gandy joins the podcast to help us Fight for Generosity. She unpacks ways her family chooses to be generous in every season.

Generosity is a value and something we are invited to build into our family culture.

"Generosity is an investment. It creates connection within relationships. Generosity goes straight to the heart and builds gratefulness." -Suz

The reality is, generosity starts with you. Proverbs 11:25 says, “A generous person will prosper. Whoever refreshes others will be refreshed."

A culture of generosity starts in our home. Do you have a culture of generosity?

Here are practical ways we have practiced generosity:

  • Buy things for others 
  • Serve together 
  • Buy presents for other members of the family
  • Write thank you notes or encouraging notes
  • Encourage the sibling to choose generosity! 
  • Look at your budget and find the funds for giving
  • Have a basket or closet set aside for gifts!
  • Ask God how you can give today and then give

Generosity is from God and He knows it is part of who we are called to be as His children. When we give it stirs up our hearts to give even more! 

Listen and learn how to start building a culture of generosity in your home! Take a few minutes to learn ways to model God-inspired generosity to your kids!

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