#168: What if I'm Losing the Fight? (Feat. Madeline Jones)

Season #4

Do you feel like "quitting the fight?"

Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel and quitting this whole parenting thing?

Madeline, our 2nd daughter joins us to share about her season of feeling like the is "losing the fight" with her family. Through sickness, trials, new work for her husband, and other things she found it really hard to feel like a success when it came to parenting, marriage, and her relationship with God. 

Suz shared how she remembers countless moments of wanting to quit. It's a valid emotion and something each parent hits at some point in their parenting journey. She shares how these feelings are okay and even good. They are invitations from God to draw near to Him

Can anyone relate?

You are not alone! We unpack ways you can flip your thinking when the season feels like it holds more losses than wins.

A few ways to exchange the "losing mentality"

  1. Talk to God
  2. Go outside and get sunshine
  3. Mindset of "allotted time" with your kids
  4. Sit back and just be for a few minutes every day
  5. Let go of your agenda and play with your kids

Parents, we are invited to soak of these seasons with our kids. We are hand-picked by God to love and raise our kids. No matter what difficulties you are facing in this season, God sees you and wants to meet you in the midst of the crazy. 

Remember, joy comes in the morning and with each new day we get a chance to love and live again! We encourage you to stop, see what God is doing in this season, and let it energize you for the days to come. This season will not last forever and when you are 20-30 years down the road, you will see the fruit of your parenting. Keep investing in your kids and leaning into God's plan for your family. 

Here are ways to win each day:

  • Laughter
  • Serve each other
  • Get our of your house
  • Play outside
  • Communicating with spouse

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