#169: We Fight for Family to Believe

Season #4

What are your family's beliefs?

Are your beliefs helping or hurting your family grow?

We were recently on a walk and started talking about how our family has been marked by our beliefs. We identified positive and negative (true and false) beliefs and started seeing how beliefs affected our parenting.

"What we believe about things influences what happens in our life." - Don 

Beliefs are amazing because they are always growing and changing. As parents, we can invite God in and ask Him what beliefs we need to incorporate into our family, starting now!

“If you have a belief you do not like, you can change them!” - Don

Fighting for family takes time. We want you to fight by looking at your beliefs. What does your family think about, talk about, and care most about? These things are connected to your beliefs.

What does it look like to build family beliefs?

Here are a few we have chosen to live by over the last 30 years:

  • Relationships are valuable 
  • Our kids are gonna turn out great 
  • What we talk about influences our family  
  • Encouraging our kids to do their best  
  • We serve rather than look to be served 
  • I am for my spouse, we want to understand each other 
  • Our kids will be best friends 
  • Believe God is good, no matter what

Building your family's belief system is a process and every family can start today. How are you going to start fighting for your family's culture? What is one thing you can start doing today?

Take a minute and ask God:

  • What are my family’s beliefs?  
  • What beliefs do you want us to have? 
  • Are there any false/bad beliefs we need to get rid of for our good? 

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