#172: Who Knows Your Kid Best? (Feat. Mollie Torres)

Season #4

We are kicking off our Summer Series!

This summer we are slowing down the podcast and inviting each of our kids to share about their perspective of family, relationships, and our parenting. You do not want to miss these honest conversations about our wins and misses as parents. Trust us, our kids will not hold back!

The question we are asking, to you parents, in the Summer Series is "Who knows your kid best?"

Do you know your child better than anyone else?

How do you get to know them better this summer?

As we've watched our kids grow up, we've learned a few things. Our hope is that you learn how to love your kids by listening to ours!

The podcast will air every other week throughout the summer. So take time to listen, process, and practice what you are learning! 

Meet Mollie Torres!

Mollie is our oldest daughter and the 2nd mom to our other 6 kiddos. She is organized, fashionable, and is very... VERY passionate.

Mollie and Suz started the fam and Don joined in (meaning Don is not Mollie's biological dad) and the adjustment was a little tricky for everyone as the Manning family formed.

Here are a few main things Mollie shares about being raised by us:

  • As a first born, she sometimes felt like a failure and unable to share her emotions when she messed up or "fell short" in our eyes
  • As a girl, she often felt hurt by our harsh words (or lack of encouragement)
  • As an older sister, she felt like she had to be mature and help with her siblings and house stuff more than she wanted

Does this sound like your first born son or daughter?

Mollie's insight into her upbringing is so valuable. She is now an amazing mom to Sebastian (3 year old boy) who is a lot like her! Her perspective of our parenting choices is priceless. Listen today and learn why.

Topics we discuss:

  • Learning to listen and draw out your child's emotions
  • Building trust and talking about the ways trust has been broken
  • Setting expectations (specifically around grades)
  • Giving them experiences with Jesus
  • Inviting the Holy Spirit into hard parenting moments
  • Choosing relationship instead of rules with your first child

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