#173: Who Knows Your Kid Best? (Feat. Madeline Jones)

Season #4

Is your child loud? Energetic? A little too adventurous for your parent-heart?

This summer we are slowing down the podcast and inviting each of our kids to share about their perspective of family, relationships, and our parenting. You do not want to miss these honest conversations about our wins and misses as parents. Trust us, our kids will not hold back!

The question we are asking, to you parents, in the Summer Series is "Who knows your kid best?"

Do you know your child better than anyone else?

How do you get to know them better this summer?

As we've watched our kids grow up, we've learned a few things. Our hope is that you learn how to love your kids by listening to ours!

The podcast will air every other week throughout the summer. So take time to listen, process, and practice what you are learning! 

Meet Madeline Jones!

Madeline is our second daughter. From the start, she has been full of life, energy, and joy! She is married and has 2 kiddos under 3 with another baby on the way! 

Madeline unpacks her childhood, personality, and memories in this podcast. She shares about her relationship with God and how she loved adventure from a young age. Her story is powerful and we know there are more kids out there like her! 

A few things about Madeline:

  1. She loved (still does love) playing babies
  2. She was coachable and good at basketball
  3. She often found a camera and videoed or performed for people

Here are a few main things Madeline shares about being raised by us:

  1. She felt like an optimistic child and hated to be lectured, put down, or nagged. When we encouraged her, it made her heart come alive but when we coached or lectured, it shut her down
  2. She loves intentional times with family and sharing about the things we did each day. 
  3. She loves missions and wants to live her life bringing the Kingdom of God to earth! 

Does this sound like your son or daughter?

Do they challenge you and push the limits of your family's culture? 

This many not be a bad thing. Listen to the podcast for insight on how to train up and love this type of child! We believe God has something in this podcast for you! Listen and share today!

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