#174: Who Knows Your Kid Best? (Feat. Macy Robinson)

Season #4

Is your child emotional? High achiever? Really hard on themselves and hard on you? 

This week, our 3rd daughter, Macy, joins us to talk about how to raise an emotional child. She grew up in our household with lots of siblings AND LOTS of emotions! She was by far our hardest toddler and there was a whole season we didn't take her out because she threw too many fits!  

We love Macy because she brings heart into our family. If you need a good cry, talk to Macy. If you need someone to feel what you feel and be with you through it, call Macy. She is an aware, an incredible helper, and has a heart of worship. God put her in our family to keep us on the straight and narrow (huge rule follower), but also to show us the depth of love God feels towards us.

In this podcast, we discuss:

  • How emotional kids think, feel, and react to life
  • Ways parents can model emotional intelligence
  • The spiritual part of raising an emotional child
  • Practical things to do when this type of child is struggling

Do you have a child like this?

How do you love them?

Listen to this week's podcast to gain insight on how to raise an emotional, perfectionistic child. If your child is struggling with self-esteem issues or reacts poorly to life's circumstances, then this is the podcast for you! Macy gives wisdom and helpful tools to equip parents who desire to raise an emotionally healthy child!

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