#175: Who Knows Your Kid Best? (Feat. McKenzie Reaume)

Season #4

How do you help your middle child live out their God-given identity?

The "Who Knows Your Child Best" series continues with our 4th daughter McKenzie Reaume. She is in between the three older sisters and three younger brothers. God gave us McKenzie as the relational bridge between the Manning kids.

In this podcast, you will hear us discuss: 

  • What Kenzie was like as a child
  • How she related to her siblings
  • How we parented her well (and not so well) 
  • Her journey to knowing God deeply
  • Practical ways parents can love their child if they are like McKenzie

This podcast is jammed packed with wisdom, practical tools, and funny memories. If you have a middle child, this is the podcast for you!

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