#177: Who Knows Your Kid Best? (Feat. Maddox Manning)

Season #4

The summer series continues with Maddox, our 6th child!

Is your child....

  • Easy going but picky about random things (like food textures) 
  • Has big emotions but you never know what's going on in their heads/hearts
  •  Acts apathetic or resistant to trying new things

Maddox shares how he spent his childhood going with the flow but also needing a lot out of the relationships in his life. In middle school, he experienced the powerful grace of God and started questioning his beliefs with us. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit helped up navigate his questions and doubts. 

Countless kitchen counter conversations and encounters with Jesus have developed Maddox into a mighty man of God. He loves the local church, is an amazing big and little brother, and is ready to start a new season in a new state by attending a university. 

Do you want to release your child into college (or adulthood) confidently? 

In this podcast, Maddox shares how parents can make their kids feel safe, open, and seen. Through discovering faith, finding friendships, and making life decisions, we walked alongside Maddox and helped him be the best version of himself.

Now he is leaving for college and we are sending him! It's the biggest blessing, as a parent, is sending your child into their season with confidence. Listen to learn how to start loving your child and building their trust!

God has a plan to connect you and your child. Listen and share with anyone you know who needs to hear this encouragement today! 

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