#178: Who Knows Your Kid Best? (Feat. McCade Manning)

Season #4

We are wrapping up the summer series with McCade, our 7th child! 

McCade is practically perfect in every way (just kidding!) McCade is the youngest of seven and remembers all his siblings being older and stronger. As the 7th kid, he learned to be independent, courageous, and very tough.

McCade is 16 years old now and is discovering who he is, what he believes, and how he wants to interact with us (the old parents he is stuck at home with). Now that he is the only child at home, we see the next few years being a sweet time for us to invest in his life and prepare him for what's ahead.

Here are a few things he said in the episode for parents who are raising teenagers: 

  • Allow kids as much freedom as you can (responsibility = freedom!) 

  • Let them solve their own problems (stop coddling them!) 

  • Be a place for them to share, talk, and not be ridiculed

We learned how powerful a parent's voice is in a teenager's life. Even if they roll their eyes and act like they don't care, they do. Cade shared how his relationship with God has been growing because he has watched his older siblings, and parents live out their faith. He has been watching and learning from us all these years. 

Parents, as your teenagers is trying to build their life, it's not too late for you to come alongside them. Be a parent who encourages, challenges (in love), and believes the best in your child. 

Want to know how to do all of these things?


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