#179: Pursuing God is Essential to Parenting

Season #4

How do you pursue God amidst parenting, marriage, and the craziness of life? 

In this podcast we answer your questions about pursuing God. 

  • What does it mean to "pursue God"? 

  • How do I make time for God amidst my busy season? 

  • Why are we called to spend time with God consistently? 

  • What does God think about us/why does He want time with us? 

We believe there are three things you commit to if you want to create a Crazy Cool Family: 

  1. Pursue God

  2. Build Relationships

  3. Create Culture 

For the next several weeks, we will unpack the first pillar of our ministry: Pursuing God. We believe you MUST have a relationship with God and live out your relationships if you want your kids to experience Jesus in your home. 

So how do you pursue God? 

LISTEN to the podcast and START pursuing God TODAY!

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