#180: Fatherhood, Football, and a Family Crisis (Feat. Chad Hennings)

Season #4

What do you do if your family member is hurting?

Chad Hennings, a mighty man of God, former pro-football player for the Dallas Cowboys, and faithful husband + father joins us this week on season four of our podcast!

Chad shared how early on in his fatherhood journey, his oldest son, Chase, only 2-years-old, experienced adverse effects from a vaccination. This created a lot of uncertainty in their family. As years went on, Chase continued to worsen and experienced immense pain. Chad shares his perspective of his children's upbringing and what God taught him through the traumatic experiences. He was so burdened with Chase’s condition and it broke his heart.  

Chad shares how this family crisis affected his marriage, his outlook on life and ultimately his journey as a father. God showed him how to rest in His plans and look to the miracle worker instead of just looking for a miracle.


“Our job as parents is not to fix every issue in our kids; our job as parents is to raise independent, critical thinking adults, who love the Lord.” - Chad


Chad's legacy is more than pro-football. He believes our legacy is defined by how we live our life and raise our kids to thrive. Listen to his perspective on fatherhood, family, and handling hard seasons. It will inspire you to pursue your family and pursue God whole heartedly, not matter what!

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