#181: Pursuing God is a Delight

Season #4

Do you know how to DELIGHT in the Lord?

Do you feel burdened by the relational aspect of God?

The series we are in is called “Pursuing God.” Today we are sharing our personal relationships with God, how we have learned to grow and know them, and how we interact with Him now.  

Our faith and knowledge of scripture were very different. We talk to parents all the time who are struggling to be unified with their spouse when it comes to beliefs. It's normal and healthy to have a unifying period in your marriage. 

Suzanne had a deep faith and a basic foundation of knowing God. Don grew up in the church and quickly sought to achieve. He saw knowing God as something to obtain/win at.  

After we were married, Don became a husband and a dad overnight. He learned quickly that he needed to figure out what he believed and what his purpose is within life and family.  

After a year of learning about our beliefs, we joined a startup local church. Through this community, we studied scripture, had friends and hit a whole new level of relationship with God.

Our relationships with God have matured over the 30+ years of marriage and parenting. We are continually seeing new aspects of God's character in our life. It doesn't matter where you are on your journey with Jesus, He wants to connect with you. 

  • What has God taught Suzanne?

    • God was tender and kindhearted with her  
    • She felt chosen and blessed to raise all those girls  
    • God helped her cling to His word and had it around her often  
    • The value of building family values and caring about sibling culture  

    What/How has God taught Don?

    • Seminars and seeking our information helps build faith
    • The concept of authority
    • Siblings can and should be best friends 
    • Seeing situations from God’s perspective 
    • How to carry God's heart into the workplace

    These are just a few of the things God has taught us along the way. He is our Creator and Savior. He meets all our needs (better than anyone else can...). 

    So, what do we do? (We dare you to try these things this week)

    • Believe the best in your spouse and call it out
    • Show kindness and see if it leads to repentance (it’s supernatural)  
    • Believe and know God is real and ALIVE 
    • Give your feelings to God and walk with Him daily

    Psalm 37:4 says, "delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart."

    We get to delight in the Lord everyday, for the rest of our lives! That’s what we are doing when we pursue God, delighting in Him! We receive fullness of life when we hang out with our Creator! 

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