#182: A Father’s Pursuit of God (Feat. Dan Luigs)

Season #4

How do you lead your family well?

Dan Luigs shares his story and challenges us to live a life unto the Lord.

Have you ever felt like your life was chaotic and losing purpose? Do you wish you and your spouse knew how to invest in the spiritual vision of your family?

We invited Dan Luigs, founder of The Journey of a Christian Dad podcast. He is a business man, a father, and a husband. He deeply loves the Lord and journeys with Him daily.

In Episode 182, Don and Dan unpack their experiences with business and fatherhood. They share the importance of pursing God amidst the craziness of life. 

If you are seeking wisdom and ways to lead your family, this podcast is for you!

Dan is wise, joyful, and full of experiences that will encourage you to fight for your family. His family is marked by God's favor and wisdom. Do you want the same thing to be said about your family?

The thing is, no matter what season we are in or what job we are working, God wants to be at the center of it all. If He is not the center, we can lose sight of who we are and what our family is created to do on earth. 

If your life feels "a little off," then listen to Dan and Don share their story and give practical ways to get your family back on track! There's always time to invest in your family. We invite you to invest by listening to this week's podcast. 

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