#184: Pursue God + Pursue Unity in Marriage (feat. Kim Kimberling)

Season #4

Is your marriage struggling?

Kim Kimberling wants to help you turn your marriage upside down! 

We invited Kim Kimberling, writer of several marriage books AND creator of the Awesome Marriage podcast onto Episode 184! His insight into a husband or wife's relationship with God will inspire and challenge you. 

We love Dr.Kim's perspective on marriage and we think this quote sums up the podcast well. 

“Pray for your spouse and let the Holy Spirit do the work.” - Kim 

If you need help cultivating a healthy marriage, this podcast is a great place to start! Join Don and Dr. Kim as they unpack topics such as: 

  • How to have unity in marriage
  • Listening to your spouse
  • Showing respect to your spouse
  • How to love and serve your spouse when they don't follow God

After you listen to this podcast, check out all the Awesome Marriage resources the Kimberlings have to offer! 

Crazy Cool Resources: