#185: Q&A About Parenting + Hearing God

Season #4

Today, Macy joins the podcast to ask us questions about hearing God and how it aligns with parenting.

This podcast is all about hearing God and including Him in every parenting season. God is our Heavenly Father and He designed family. He wants to walk with you as you parent your kids. 

Questions We Unpack: 

  • How do you hear God's voice?
  • Has the way you hear God changed throughout your parenting journey?
  • Why is hearing God's voice essential to raising Crazy Cool kids?
  • How have you made parenting decisions and included God?
  • What are practical ways you make spirit-filled parenting decisions?
  • What do I do if I want to make Godly decisions but my spouse doesn't seem to care?
  • What if I can't hear God's voice? How do I grow in hearing God's voice?

Hearing God's voice starts with identity. Start small and allow God to speak to you with love, grace, and kindness. As you listen to this podcast, we believe you will discover new ways to hear God. Hearing God will overflow into your family and help you make wise parenting decisions. 

Want to make great, unified decisions for your family? Start by inviting God in and letting Him speak! 

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