#187: Talk to Yourself the Way God Talks to You (Feat. John Stange)

Season #4

Parents, do you ever feel like all those spiritual words get jumbled up in your head and you can’t figure out a simple, effective way to consistently hear God?  

Words like, identity, repentance, intimacy, Gospel, grace, etc...?!??!  

Well, today’s your day! John Stange joins this week’s podcast to talk about walking and talking with God. 

Ep. 187 provides practical tools to help you focus on God’s voice and start experiencing His presence daily.  

Crazy as it seems, God sees His kids (that’s us) the same way He sees Jesus.... holy.... clean... righteous. If you don’t see yourself this way, then it’s time to invest a little time in Ep. 187 and let John and Don redirect your thinking!  

Listen today and share with a friend! It’s worth your investment!  

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