#188: Wrapping Up the Pursue God Series

Season #4

What are your reasons for not having a strong relationship with God?

In this podcast, we unpack SIMPLE but POWERFUL ways you can strengthen your relationship with God. In every season you are in, God is pursing you and He wants to have a relationship with you. It will give you the strength to live each day to the fullest! 

The Parent to God is the covering relationship for a family. We are wrapping up this series by talking about how GREAT God is amidst the change. This fall air and crisp evenings has us excited about what all God is going to do as this year comes to a close.  

What are practical ways to connect to God?  

  • Get out in nature (especially amidst the changing seasons)  
  • Worship 
  • Read your Bible  
  • Find the small moments to invite God 
  • Asking God for His perspective on each situation 

“God, what is your perspective on this situation? Show me your ways.” -Suz 

What are ways you spend time with God?  

  • Consistency to get up in the mornings  
  • Along the way (especially with small children)  
  • Leave for work early and spend time with God there  
  • Find quiet times in your days  
  • Ask your spouse what they need to connect with God 

Fight and articulate for your time with God. Your spouse may not know what you need, so tell them!  

“It may not be easy, but it is worth it!” - Don  

What do I do if I love God but my kids don’t? How do I help my child hear God for themself? What about my spouse?  

  • Our example is more important than our words/instruction  
  • The questions are so important! (Look for that the questions are doing in your child’s heart)  
  • Create experiences for them to see/know God  
  • Allow the truth of the Gospel to be in front of your kids as often as possible  
  • Invite your kids to thank God for the everyday miracles  

What if my family doesn’t like church? How do we connect with God within the church?  

  • Everyone has a story and church needs to be at the center of it  
  • Kids need a foundation for the truth, which is found within the church  
  • Jesus created the church but it is imperfect, we are called to contribute, not just consume  
  • Ask God what church your family needs to be a part of 

“The church is an extension of your family. We don’t walk away from family when it’s messed up... so we don’t walk away from the church when it feels messy.” - Suz 

What else can we do to help make God a priority in our family?

  • Invite Him into every decision 
  • Talk about God and give Him credit for the little things  
  • Technology is everywhere – put God things in front of your kids  
  • Thank God for food, toys, teams, and everything we are a part of each day  
  • Include your kids in the ups and downs of life (emotions, decision, etc...)  
  • Show them how you include God in your feelings and life decisions 

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