#189: AVOID the HoliDAZE - Part 1 (Feat. ALL the "Manning" Girls)

Season #4

How do you ENJOY the holidays and not get stuck in a holiDAZE? 

This mini series is created for all the parents out there who are lying awake at night wondering how they are going to get it all done by December 24th... 

Madeline, our 2nd daughter, came up with the word, "holidaze." Its completely made up (we think....🤷🏽‍♂️) 

Definition of "Holidaze":

not enjoying the present event, festivity, or celebration, because you are so stressed out about the next event, festivity, or celebration.  

2nd definition:  

cloudy, negative mindset around the upcoming holiday events because they feel too overwhelming/you don’t have the energy to make it through them with joy.  

Anyone feel this way about the 2022 holidays?

How do we kick any HOLIDAZE MINDSETS and make the most of 2022 Holidays! They only happen once, so how do we make the most of them?

We cover so much in this podcast, you will just have to listen. This is one of our favorite quotes to entice you....

"Rethink the holidays and the relationships around you in this season. The end of 2022 can be full of healing. God can restore and reignite our relationships this holiday season!" 

Check out this week's podcast (Part 1) and be on the lookout for next week's episode! We believe God will highlight a strategy to you, for your family, and it will make this holiday season AMAZING!

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