#192: Building a Crazy Cool Family (Feat. Chris Grainger)

Season #4

“Couples that grieve together, grow together.” - Chris 

In difficult situation, or extensive grief, who do you turn to? How do you continue to build family when you are struggling?

What does it mean to turn to God and turn to people who are safe?

Chris Grainger joins Don on the podcast to help parents who are in a difficult season. Through divorce, family loss, and other trials Chris leaned into God and church community. He shares how God encountered him with love, mercy, and community to help him walk through relational valleys.  

If you are feeling shameful, alone, or uncertain on how to deal with your current family situation, this is the podcast for you. Chris and Don get to the heart of family and how to be a spiritual leader amidst struggles.  

Chris Grainger has an amazing ministry called the Lion Within Us and many resources. Check out the podcast, share it with a friend, and take a look at all Chris has to offer.  

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