#194: Family Culture Made Simple - Introduction

Season #5

Season 5 is HERE! 

We are so excited to be back with you~ We LOVE making podcasts because it is like a kitchen table. We get to sit with you and share our hearts. We get to take time and build family together. 

Here are a few words we heard from God about this year and this podcast season: 


We realize we need to simplify our life. How? Letting things go and relaxing into family, culture, and our kids. Just pausing and asking God, "What is the best thing for my kid in this season?" 


Chaos of the last few years has caused us to disengage. It's time to engage again because it's worth it. Technology and information is bombarding us and we need to simplify and pick what we want to engage in - we hope you pick Crazy Cool Family! 


We are focusing on what culture is and why it is important. Culture is the builder of relationships. It's intangible yet possible to cultivate. Do you like the culture in your family? Did you know you can change it?

The goal of this series is to help your family build culture. In every season, we are building culture within our family. You may have littles at home and you’re in survival mode. You may have a range of kiddos and it feels like time is going by too quick! You may have older kids and it feels like culture is set. Wherever your family is, God is ready to shake up your culture and make it better.  

We want to give you simple, applicable ways to change your family’s culture. Let’s jump in!  

The way we are going to break this series down is in 4 parts – or 4 pillars.

The 4 pillars of culture are:  

  • The Power of Encouragement 
  • Safe Haven 
  • Relational Discipline 
  • Unity 

Each pillar is vital to a family’s culture and we want to show you how! We want to simplify these four pillars and give you 4 declarations to start learning. By the end of the series, we want you saying these four statements in your sleep!  

How do we build culture in our family?  

  • Encourage extravagantly and correct carefully 
  • Become a listener  
  • Move from parent control to self-control.  
  • Celebrate differences and establish values