#195 Family Culture Made Simple - Encourage Extravagantly

Season #5

There's POWER in Encouragement! 

This week we are unpacking our first culture pillar - the power of encouragement. 

Do you remember our four culture pillars and four declarations? 

The 4 pillars of culture are:  

  • The Power of Encouragement 
  • Safe Haven 
  • Relational Discipline 
  • Unity 

Each pillar is vital to a family’s culture and we want to show you how! We want to simplify these four pillars and give you 4 declarations to start learning. By the end of the series, we want you saying these four statements in your sleep!

The 4 declarations are:  

  • Encourage extravagantly and correct carefully 
  • Become a listener  
  • Move from parent control to self-control.  
  • Celebrate differences and establish values 

Listen to this week's podcast to learn how to encourage extravagantly! This 30 minute investment could transform your family!