#199: Family Culture Made Simple - Identity is Foundational (Feat. John Stickl)

Season #5

Identity is a HOT TOPIC word in today's culture and we are here to tell you...

God created identity and has specific TRUE things to say about you AND your children. 

We are finishing up our first culture pillar this week with a guest, John Stickl. 

John Stickl is lead pastor of Valley Creek Church. He is also an author who wrote Follow the Cloud. Most importantly, he is a mighty man of God, a loving husband, and an amazing, intentional father to his two kids.  

We invited John onto today’s podcast because he deeply understands the power of encouragement and how it goes hand in hand with identity.

Questions We Discuss:

    • What is Kingdom identity?  
    • As parents, do we have authority to tell our kids who they are? 
    • How do we get our kids to believe God's identity for their life?
    • If parents would do one thing to help build identity in their kids, what one thing would you challenge them to do?  
    • Why is identity especially valuable within family relationships?

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