#200: Family Culture Made Simple - What is a Safe Haven?

Season #5

What is a Safe Haven? Is Your Home Safe?

TWO MONTHS! We have already been in this series for 2 months. We hope you are learning about culture and how to cultivate it in your family over this last month.  

This week we are stepping into a new piece of culture. Join us as we talk about our next pillar, Safe Haven.  

"We want our home to be a SAFE HAVEN where we wash the world off our children so we can send them out energized and refreshed." - Suz

We want home to be a place they want to come to and a place we want to be as well. The #1 key to creating a safe haven in your home is to become a great listener. If you learn one thing from this course, it is to become a great listener.  

Everything we talk about the rest of the way will relate back to listening. 

James 1:19 says, be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.  

Our goal with our children throughout their lives is to show them how wonderful it is to follow God’s ways. By listening instead of lecturing, we are creating a safe haven environment, a trusting environment that allows us to best guide their lives.

Listen and share this podcast with a friend! It's worth the investment. 

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