#201: Family Culture Made Simple: Building Culture on Family Trips

Season #5

When was the last time your family took a trip?

Trips and breaks during the school year are a great time to be intentional with family.  

How do we think ahead and create intentional spaces for our family during these set aside breaks?  

Culture is happening around us constantly. It is something we, as parents, have authority over. The culture in your home is being built whether you are doing it or not.  

Think about the last trip your family went on... how was it?

  • What words would you use to describe the atmosphere of your family?
  • What about your heart?
  • Were you a stressed, rigid, exhausted parent? Were you kids avoiding conversations with you throughout the trip? 

In this podcast, we answer these questions and more! If you want to plan a family trip AND build life-giving culture in your family - then this podcast it for you!

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