#202: Family Culture Made Simple: Safety in Questions (Feat. Lisa Johnson)

Season #5

Do you know how to ask your kids the right questions?

We are diving back into our second culture pillar this week called Safe Haven. We have been talking about a lot of difference culture building topics but TODAY'S podcast will challenge and encourage you.   

This week we have a special expert joining us Lisa Johnson. She is a family friend and professional psychiatrist. Her heart is for families to feel the freedom to ask for help. 

We invited them Lisa to share her perspective on creating a safe haven for people through questions.

Here are some of the questions we discuss:

  • What are questions we can ask our kids to help them feel safe?  
  • When they hide stuff from us, how do we approach talking to them about it? 
  • If something traumatic or bad happens, how to we approach them and the situation? 
  • What are things NOT TO DO when our child needs a safe place?  
  • How do we make our home physically safe for our kids? 
  • How do we make it emotionally safe?

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