#204 Family Culture Made Simple: Where to Start with Discipline?

Season #5

What words come to mind when you hear the word “DISCIPLINE”? 

As parents, we get the amazing opportunity to train our kids through every age. In this podcast, we are sharing our vision behind discipline. It’s not about control, it’s about freedom!  

We believe God’s view of discipline is about freedom, responsibility, and self-control. His ways are always better than ours. Remember, the goal is freedom, but the strategy is relationships. When we are in depth of a relationship, we will see freedom come into our kids' lives. 

Here are the 3 stages of Discipline discussed in this podcast: 

  1. Younger kids learn controlled obedience towards parents 
  2. Middle aged kids learn willing obedience towards parents 
  3. Older kids learn willing obedience towards GOD 

Want to learn how to discipline your children God’s way?

This episode and the few to follow are designed with you in mind. Listen and share with a friend today!  

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