#207: Family Culture Made Simple: Consider & Why

Season #5

Okay, parents, say this with me...

"Natural consequences are MY FRIEND!"

This week we are unpacking 2 more discipline drivers in our series: Family Culture Made Simple.

So often in parenting, we feel like we are on the opposite side of our kid. Imagine a line, and parents are on one side looking across at their kids on the other side of it. We are on one side telling them what to do, and they are on the other side resisting.  

Here’s how this applies to your relationship with your kids—natural consequences put us on the same team. Our kids’ natural consequences help us to join them on their side of the line. Natural consequences give us the opportunity to work with our kids to solve an issue or get something done.  

You can also say it this way: Natural consequences puts us on the same team.

We love it when we don't have to be the one that brings on the bad consequences. We challenge you to look for ways to use natural consequences this week instead of "piling it on." 

Proverbs 4:5 says to get wisdom and understanding.  

As a parent, one of the most important things we do for our children is to give them wisdom and understanding. How do you help your child gain wisdom and understanding? Explain the why!

The 6th Discipline Driver is "Life is in the WHY" and it is so important. Every parent needs fresh vision AND we need to be able to share this vision with our child. 

When kids ask "why why why" 100 times a day, we get to build their understanding of the world. If being asked "why" constantly annoys you, then you may need to rethink this aspect of parenting. 

Listen to the whole episode as we fully unpack the two discipline drivers: Consider Natural Consequences & Life is in the Why.

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