#208: Family Culture Made Simple - Let's Get Good at Discipline!

Season #5

It's the last week of our 7 Discipline Drivers. Can you remember what they all are?

PSA: Here's your quick reminder to listen to any episodes they haven’t yet! 

Each discipline driver has it’s own episode, so go back and listen for a deeper dive. We spent a lot of time talking about practical ways to implement these strategies with kids at all ages! 

TODAY we are talking about our last discipline driver: Let them make mistakes. 

Psalm 37:24 says, “...though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand.”  

Here’s the truth parents.... OUR KIDS WILL MAKE MISTAKES.  

The good news is God takes care of our children EVEN WHEN mistakes happen. Here’s a helpful truth, our kid’s failures are doorways to their hearts. It gives us a chance to point them to God.

When we look at mistakes as opportunities instead of annoyances, we have a doorway into our children’s lives that allows us to deposit wisdom, grace, understanding, and hope. 

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