#209: Family Culture Made Simple: Unity is Unique!

Season #5

Are you ready to take your family to the next level?

Unity is the fourth culture pillar, and it is NEXT LEVEL! If you can grasp this concept, your family will see breakthrough!

God values unity. He says so in his word:  

Psalm 133:1 says, how good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! 

What is unity?  

Family unity is celebrating family uniqueness as we unite under family values.  

Why is unity so important? 

It allows you as a parent to multiply your efforts. You go from addition to multiplication. Instead of just working on family values, now your whole family is working on those values.  


“God says things WORK BEST in unity.” 

  • God designed his creation to be unified.  
  • God designed the body to be unified.  
  • God designed marriage to be unified.  

Unity does not mean everyone is the same, no way! UNITY EMBRACES UNIQUENESS. Unity is working to bring out the best in each person in your family.  

Here are a few key points from the podcast:  

  • Embracing the differences each of our kids bring to the family is powerful 
  • Each of our kids are very similar in some ways- but are very different in many more ways 
  • These differences open our eyes and hearts to be, do, and see things from new perspectives  
  • What we value determines how we will live – so value unity!  
  • Bringing unity in your home is key to having strong relationships  

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