#210: Family Culture Made Simple: Values Build Unity

Season #5

How do you define UNITY? 

Last week we talked about embracing the differences and uniqueness of each family member and how it helps build unity. Today we are talking about how family values are a great way to unite our family. 

  • First, we define VALUES. 
  • Second, we define UNITY.  
  • Third, we share ways to determine your family's values and use them to build unity!  

Here are a few questions we answer in today’s episode:  

  • How did we decide what our family values are? 
  • What are some things you value in your family? 
  • What are values or things in your home that are keeping you from living in unity? 

The bottom line is: UNITY IS NEXT LEVEL!  

If you want to take your family to greater depths of joy, life, and unity – then this podcast is for you! If you know someone who needs to hear a podcast on unity – send this episode their way! 

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