#214: Holy Spirit, Bring on the Fruit! Week 2: Love (Feat. Macy Robinson)

Season #5

Is your home filled with love?

We are in the second week of our FRUITS series and this week we are talking all about LOVE! 

We are slowing down our rhythm and releasing episodes EVERY OTHER WEEK! 

What is this series all about? 

A word we received from God for 2023 is culture. Culture is one our ministry's main themes. It was highlighted to us at the end of 2022 and we are diving in with all we've got! If you feel like your family's culture is "off" then this series is for you. We are intentionally diving into Galatians 5 and learning how to live and walk by the Spirit. 

LOVE: Seeking the highest good of others.

Here are the main things we talk about: 

  1. What is love? What does God say about love?  
  2. Love is a fruit but is also a person - Jesus is love! 
  3. How do we partner with the Holy Spirit to bring God's love into our family?

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