#216: Holy Spirit, Bring on the Fruit! Week 4: Peace (Feat. Mollie Torres)

Season #5

Is your home defined by PEACE or CHAOS?

Peace is resting in God’s control of everything. Mollie, our oldest daughter speaks into this definition in today's episode. Her insight into this fruit will inspire and challenge you. 

“Because Jesus is inside of us – when our world is chaos- we are always at peace in God.” - Mollie 

In Isaiah 26:3 says, “you will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast because they trust in you.”  

When we receive the peace of God, it takes over our circumstances. The world we live in is CHAOS – which is the opposite of peace.  

Here are a few main points of the podcast:  

  • Peace is a person, His name is Jesus, and He can enter any chaos you are feeling  
  • Ask and rest in the Holy Spirit when you feel chaos overtaking your family  
  • When you feel “away from peace” it’s an opportunity to ask Holy Spirit to lead you 
  • The God of peace surpasses any worldly experience or emotion you are experiencing 

How do we carry God’s peace?  

  • Recognize when you are not walking in it 
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to wash over you with peace  
  • Respond to your spouse, kids, or environment with peace instead of chaos.  

When we experience God’s peace, it is a miracle. It is within you and recognizing the Holy Spirit is in us and working on our behalf.  Jehovah Shalom is who we get to call upon when we need peace – He is the God of peace, and we have full access to it.

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