#218: Holy Spirit, Bring on the Fruit! Week 6: Kindness (feat. Maddox Manning)

Season #5

Kindness is choosing to serve others with LOVE and MERCY. 

Maddox, our 6th child joins us to talk about how love and mercy are connected to kindness. We unpack how God is kind - it is His nature. Because God is a good father, He is our example of how to be a thoughtful, loving, merciful, and kind parent. When we tap into his kindness towards us, it leads to relational intimacy. 

The same is true for you and your family! 

When we choose to walk with the Holy Spirit, we release kindness into our family. 

Here are a few main takeaways for this episode: 

  • Kindness is ultimately understanding and loving others right where they are
  • Kindness starts in our mind and is often a perspective shift from God 
  • God's heart is kind, He has abundant kindness for us daily 
  • Kindness is a doorway, judgment is a wall
  • Kindness destroys criticism (especially of self) 

Maddox shares personal ways to be personally kind to your mind, heart, and journey. Suz shares how, as parents, we can show our family the kindness of God by walking daily with the Holy Spirit. This conversation is challenging and full of truth. Listen and share today! 

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