#219: Holy Spirit, Bring on the Fruit! Week 7: Goodness (feat. McCade Manning)

Season #5

What does it mean to be good? 

The world defines "good" as something completely different than God does. Goodness is the fruit of choosing good in your everyday life. When we walk with the Good Shepherd, or good father - we learn how to live out a life of goodness. When we live in the "good" of the world, we are left unsatisfied. 

McCade is our 17 year old son and the youngest of 7 strongly opinionated kids. He was raised with 4 sisters (aka extra mothers) and two older brothers. He was constantly told what is "good, cool, or dumb." He learned quickly how to see the world distinctly good or evil. 

Goodness is living with an upright heart. 

Goodness is vital for families, especially within sibling relationships. McCade speaks to how goodness plays out in his generation, his church involvement, and his personal relationships. 

Don and Suz unpack how to instill goodness into your home and how to break off "evil, harshness, or rudeness" if there is not a culture of goodness currently in your family. 

Here are a few things we unpack in today's episode: 

  • How do you remain "good" as a teenager in this day and age? 
  • How do you identify a lack of goodness in your home/between family relationships?
  • How do you live out a life of goodness? 
  • What are practical ways to walk with the Holy Spirit and walk out in goodness? 
  • What are the benefits of choosing goodness?

Cade shares the need for goodness in our world. This podcast will challenge your personal view of goodness. It will also help you see the ways you can instill goodness in your family TODAY!

Listen and share with your friends today! Share the whole series and bring on the fruit! 


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