Crazy Cool Family

Crazy Cool Family

Hosted by: Don and Suzanne Manning

Want home to be your favorite place in the world? Want to see siblings get along like best friends? Want to send your kid off to college with hope instead of fear? At Crazy Cool Family, we can help you answer all of...


New Parent Q&A - Madeline Interviews Suzanne

Season #1 Episode #32

Calling ALL New Parents! We've got a podcast just for you! This week, Madeline takes over the podcast and interviews Suzanne about advice she would give to new parents. Listen to Suzanne’s unique perspective regarding...
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Setting Grade Expectations Part 2 - With Macy Manning

Season #1 Episode #31

In this week’s podcast, we continue our discussion of Setting Grade Expectations. This time Macy chimes in with some amazing insight. As a perfectionist in regard to her schoolwork, she shares what she learned about...
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Setting Grade Expectations Part 1 - With Madeline and Maddox Manning

Season #1 Episode #30

Grades can be a huge source of conflict between parents and their kids, but it doesn’t have to be! Training your children to love learning and take ownership of their grades is another opportunity to strengthen the...
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Becoming The Trusted Voice In Your Kid's Life

Season #1 Episode #29

How do you become a trusted voice in your child’s life when there are so many voices battling for his attention? This week we discuss that topic on the podcast! Listen and hear from our years of experience as we've...
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Being Intentional With Your Spouse While Raising Kids

Season #1 Episode #28

No matter how long we've been married, we are called, by God, to continually strive to pursue our spouse. This is usually the most challenging when you are parenting babies or young children. Maybe it's because the...
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Maintaining A Healthy Work/Home Balance

Season #1 Episode #27

Parents often feel overwhelmed with the amount of responsibilities that pull at our time and attention. We desperately want a balanced life that includes quality time with family and friends and doing things we...
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Car Time With Your Kids

Season #1 Episode #26

What if car-time became one of the best places to deepen your relationships with your children? Time in the car with your kids is an ideal opportunity that you can use to your advantage! In this week's Crazy Cool...
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How to Connect Your Kids to God this School Year

Season #1 Episode #25

Connecting your kids to God is the most important thing you will do as a parent... so how do we do it well? In this week's Crazy Cool Family podcast, Don and Suzanne give inspiring and practical tips to help you...
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Sending Your Kid To College

Season #1 Episode #24

Whether you're preparing to move your child into their dorm room in a few weeks, or trying to get your toddler to just fall sleep in their own room, "The Day" is coming! The day your child leaves your home! In this...
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Adjusting To New Parenthood with Mollie & Damian Torres and Madeline & Larry Jones

Season #1 Episode #23

New to parenting? Need help?! In this week's podcast, we are joined by our two oldest daughters and their families. Mollie and her husband, Damian, and son, Sebastian ("Bash"). And Madeline and her husband, Larry, and...
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How To Handle Fits

Season #1 Episode #22

Do your kids throw fits? What's your parenting strategy to help them work through it? In this episode, Suzanne and Don talk about how to handle kids throwing fits. Listen in to learn their best tips! If your approach...
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How To Navigate Technology With Your Kids

Season #1 Episode #21

We get asked all the time, “How do you handle technology?” It’s like its a bad word! Social media, blogs, and articles out there are all about putting restrictions on our kids but we wanted to talk about our approach...
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