Crazy Cool Family

Crazy Cool Family

Hosted by: Don and Suzanne Manning

Want home to be your favorite place in the world? Want to see siblings get along like best friends? Want to send your kid off to college with hope instead of fear? At Crazy Cool Family, we can help you answer all of...


How We Did It

Season #2 Episode #85

Do you feel overwhelmed by life and all the years of parenting ahead? As we look back on our parenting years, we know the only reason we made it through was because of God, community, and... God haha!  This podcast is...
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How the Family Dashboard is Used to Build a Crazy Cool Family

Season #2 Episode #84

The Family Dashboard is a central tool we use to help make your family Crazy Cool! The strength of your family will be determined by the strength of your family relationships. The Family Dashboard is your tool to...
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A Tool to Build Amazing Relationships With Everyone in Your Family

Season #2 Episode #83

New to Crazy Cool Family? Need Help Building Relationships? This week we're talking about one tool that will help you build amazing relationships with everyone in your family! This is a podcast everyone needs to...
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How to Get Your Kids to Obey

Season #2 Episode #82

Parents often ask us this question: “How do I get my kid to obey?” So today we're talking about obedience!  Obedience is key to a healthy family. If you are struggling to have consistent obedience from your kids, we...
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Overcoming Anger and Enjoying Parenting - Featuring Matt & Amanda Nelson

Season #2 Episode #81

Are you ready to hear from a CRAZY COOL Family? This week we're chatting with Matt & Amanda Nelson. They're parents of 4 children and we're talking about emotions, anger, and experiencing the value of...
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How to Get Your Child to Listen to You

Season #2 Episode #80

Be honest... do you lecture your kids? Here's an even harder question... when you lecture, do they listen? This week we’re talking about lecturing. We want to help you become more of a listener and less of a lecturer....
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Experiencing the Coronavirus - Featuring Macy and Jared Robinson

Season #2 Episode #79

What has your experience with COVID been thus far? This week we have our daughter Macy and her husband Jared joining us to talk about the coronavirus! Macy and Jared both were diagnosed with COVID19 a few weeks ago so...
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How to Have the Best Homeschool Experience With Your Kids

Season #2 Episode #78

Still wondering if homeschooling is possible for your family?  We are continuing this conversation because we see so many parents struggling with their kids when it comes to education.  What would it look like to ask...
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Season #2 Episode #77

Did you know we homeschooled our kids? We've highly recommend it and today we share why!  We want to talk about the positive parts of homeschooling and then get into the practical questions so many parents have asked...
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Back to School for Fall 2020

Season #2 Episode #76

It's time to go back to school but... Do you keep trying to homeschool?  Stick with online learning or a hybrid?  Send them back with masks and social distancing all day?  School is going to be different this year, so...
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How to Handle Fits

Season #2 Episode #75

Are you over your kids throwing fits? Your prayers have been answered because we are addressing the "fits" issues today.  Today we're going back to one of our most popular episodes and talking about how to handle...
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Building a Great Childhood - Featuring Macy Robinson & McKenzie Manning

Season #2 Episode #74

Need a little more help on build a great childhood for your kids? We've got you.  Last week, we talked to our oldest 2 daughters, but this week we hear from our 3rd & 4th daughters Macy and McKenzie. They share...
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