Crazy Cool Family

Crazy Cool Family

Hosted by: Don and Suzanne Manning

Want home to be your favorite place in the world? Want to see siblings get along like best friends? Want to send your kid off to college with hope instead of fear? At Crazy Cool Family, we can help you answer all of...


Kids & Technology

Season #3 Episode #137

Does it feel like it's you vs. technology (or screens) in your home? Do you constantly fight your kids to stop "screen time"?  This week we unpack Kids and Technology in episode #137! Our kids are bombarded by...
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Part 2: Basecamp is... FREE!

Season #3 Episode #136

Did you hear the news? Basecamp is changing!!  Last week we shared how God challenged us to step out in faith and make some changes. This week we share how you can jump into all the new things at Crazy Cool...
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Part 1: Basecamp is... FREE!

Season #3 Episode #135

The reality is, we can’t learn parenting in a week. It’s a journey and we want to come alongside you and drip Godly concepts into you in the coming days, months, and years!   So, we have some BIG NEWS!!!  BASECAMP is...
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Let's Switch on Our Joy!

Season #3 Episode #133

Hey Crazy Cool Families, do you want a joy-filled family?  This week's podcast in truly inspirational and practical about joy. Join us as we interview Chris Coursey, the author of The Joy Switch. He shares incredible...
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Part 2: Let's Switch on Our Joy

Season #3 Episode #134

This week's episode is the 2nd part of our amazing and insightful interview with Chris Coursey. The author of The Joy Switch and teacher within Thrive Ministries. Chris shares about CARS. Not the driving vehicle......
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It's Family Dashboard Time!

Season #3 Episode #132

As we kick off another school year, we wanted to go over our main tool for creating a Crazy Cool Family!  The Family Dashboard is an amazing tool God showed us in our early years of parenting. It's a simple way to...
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Jumping into Fall!

Season #3 Episode #131

Are you ready for all the Fall things? This week we talk about how to fill your calendar with valuable Fall activities! Sports, music, art, and so many other options open up to families at this time of year. How do...
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School Transitions: College Edition (Feat. Michael Manning)

Season #3 Episode #130

This Week, we are joined by Michael (5th kid and junior in college) to talk about the College Transition. He loves college and has discovered new passions, found his people, and is living out his God-given...
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REPLAY! Creating Independent Kids

Season #3 Episode #129

Do you want your kids to be independent? We do! This week we throw it back to a podcast we did in March of 2020. We talk about how to cultivate independence in your kid - no matter what age! All kids rely on parents...
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Let's Have the Best August Ever!

Season #3 Episode #128

As much as we love summer, we know August is a transition month. Over the last 30 years, the Mannings have learned a few tricks to make August less stressful and more peaceful for EVERYONE.  Do you (parent) act crazy...
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The Power of Play

Season #3 Episode #127

Do you play with your kids? Does it feel like a chore or do you genuinely enjoy playing with them? Our 4th child, McKenzie, joins us this week to talk about the power of play. She is in school becoming a counselor and...
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A Journey to Joy (Feat. Sara Chapple)

Season #3 Episode #126

This week we dive into joy with Sara Chapple and her new book A Journey to Joy. She shares how about Joy Cultivators and Joy Killers. Do you ever feel like your house is bogged down by complaining, grumbling, or...
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