Crazy Cool Family

Crazy Cool Family

Hosted by: Don and Suzanne Manning

Want home to be your favorite place in the world? Want to see siblings get along like best friends? Want to send your kid off to college with hope instead of fear? At Crazy Cool Family, we can help you answer all of...


How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

Season #1 Episode #44

We love the Christmas season! But let’s face it…sometimes the busyness of the holidays makes it difficult for us to connect with the people who are most important to us. What if you could look back on your Christmas...
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How Much Should You Buy Your Kids At Christmas?

Season #1 Episode #43

Christmas is all about the gift God gave us, His only son Jesus. So when did it become all about presents and getting everything WE WANT from Santa?  If you are struggling with the culture of Christmas within your...
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How To Handle The Topic Of Santa As A Christian Parent

Season #1 Episode #42

Jesus said we are to be IN the world but not OF the world (John 17:15-19). What does this look like at Christmas? Specifically, what does your family believe about Santa? Holidays need to be relational and a place for...
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Interview With A Crazy Cool Family - The Schreiners

Season #1 Episode #41

On this week's episode, we interviewed Dave and Ally Schreiner. They are a faithful Crazy Cool Family and they are committed to loving Jesus and raising their kids well. They shared some great insight and we can't...
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The Backstory Of Our First Book

Season #1 Episode #40

Not long into our parenting journey, we realized we had no idea what we were doing. It seemed we were doing more damage than good. So, we started reading lots of parenting books. Can anyone relate? We believe God...
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How To Have Peaceful Family Gatherings During The Holidays

Season #1 Episode #39

Are you looking forward to the holidays with family?  What do you do if you aren't? We can help!  The holidays are right around the corner. We all want the ideal family holiday experience, but it doesn’t always happen...
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How To Assess The Relationships In Your Family

Season #1 Episode #38

When you think of creating your best family, what are the first things that come to mind? So go the relationships in your family, so goes your family. And that is why we created the Family Dashboard—a simple tool...
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Should My Family Celebrate Halloween?

Season #1 Episode #37

To celebrate Halloween or not, that is the question. We stopped focusing on the negative, fearful side of a holiday and turned our focus on all that God said was good. In this episode, we share our take on halloween...
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How Siblings Can & Should Be Best Friends

Season #1 Episode #36

In this episode, Don and Suzanne go over examples that will help you understand how siblings can and should be best friends. Tune into the episode to learn new ways for your kids to get along AND click the link below...
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How To Discipline Your Kids + BIG NEWS!

Season #1 Episode #35

We’ve officially launched! Have you seen our new website?! We’re so excited to share a few of the many changes that are happening! Here are a few things we’ve introduced! The updated branding and new resources on...
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Why Family Is Worth It + EXCITING NEWS!

Season #1 Episode #34

This week on the podcast, we are sharing some exciting news about what will be available next week! Tune in to learn more details and to get an exclusive discount for next week! Crazy Cool Resources: CCF Podcasts CCF...
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Crazy Cool Family Ministry Update

Season #1 Episode #33

We have some exciting things to share with you guys! Tune into this episode to learn more about what's to come for our ministry! Crazy Cool Resources: CCF Podcasts CCF Social Media Join Basecamp- FOR FREE!
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