It's Time to Rethink Your Family

Many Christian parents are losing their kids to culture and watching them walk away from their faith.  Our desire is that 100% of your children love Jesus, love you, and love each other.

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Crazy Cool Family helps you rethink how you do family with proven strategies to win your kids' hearts.

We provide books, courses, and studies that help parents lead their kids into a strong relationship with Jesus and each other.


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Do You Respect Your Kids?

Here are some great ways to respect your kids

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Innovative, God-focused family

“The Manning’s are truly one of the most innovative, God-focused families. They are God’s children and they really do make us Rethink the Way We Do Family.”


Super Bowl Champion, New York Times Best Selling Author

Children can be Disciple-Makers

The Mannings are the real deal. As a parent, I have watched over the years how they have raised their children to be disciple makers in the Kingdom. They are an inspiration to many. I recommend this book for any parent that wants to raise godly children.


Super Bowl Champion, Dallas Cowboys

A Real-life Guide

There is no greater joy than seeing your family love Jesus and love each other deeply. The Crazy Cool Family book is a real-life guide to making that happen for your family.


Elder and Associate Pastor, Gateway Church

Deep Insight and Wisdom

Their deep insight and wisdom has been hard earned and is a personal revelation of how the Gospel has the power to redeem every area of our lives. They will make you laugh, encourage you, challenge you, teach you and most importantly, give you hope as it points you to the source of all hope – Jesus Christ. I could not recommend them more.

Jeff Haley

Elder, The Village Church

Your Best Family Starts Right Here!

Crazy Cool Family by Don and Suzanne Manning offers a transformative guide for building a Jesus-focused family with deep love, emphasizing strong family relationships and a loving family culture as the most important network of relationships.

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Want to build your best family? We recently released two interactive guides to equip every parent's hands and heart. One guide focuses on relationship; the other on culture but both are worth the investment! Each guide contains six sessions to do individually, with your spouse, or with a small group. If you want a step-by-step resource to strengthen your family then get your CCF guides today!

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Meet our Crazy Cool Family

Don & Suzanne Manning + 7 Kids

With 30+ years of parenting experience and 7 kids of all ages, the Mannings know Family.

The Mannings focus on building a home environment that is supportive, secure, disciplined, and harmonious. They are deeply committed to strengthening their bond with God, each other, and their children. They can't wait to share their effective approach with you.

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Meet the Manning Family, founders of Crazy Cool Family

Together, we have a passion to help families rethink the way they do family... one relationship at a time.